Welcome to Blue Caterpillar

Learning happens all our life

From our first moments we are learning

Our education is foundational but it’s just the beginning of the learning journey. In the world of work we continue to learn too.

At Blue Caterpillar, we are all about learning…

to present and pitch. to achieve great exam results. to inspire clients and colleagues. employability and soft skills. to support our children. to engage better with pupils.

Learn today how we can help you –

Whether you are a student or educator facing exams or interviews…

Or a Founder or CEO needing to pitch or present…

Or an L&D executive looking to upskill the workforce…

Or someone who just wants to improve either their own or their team’s impact.

Our Story

Blue Caterpillar began with workshops for students in communication and presentation skills in and around Gloucestershire.  We were approached to help teenagers improve their confidence in speaking.   From there, we became a ‘go to’ company for inspiring young people to take ownership of their future – whether through developing strong speaking and listening skills or nailing revision techniques and personal motivation.

Education is in our DNA and we still help students ace their exams or their first interviews.  These days though, we are as at home in the boardroom as we are in the classroom.  We now have a strong reputation across both public sector and business in improving communication skills.   It’s work that takes us across the UK, into Europe and beyond.

We’ve helped Founders and CEOs pitch for investment.  We’ve helped build team dynamics.  We’ve improved communication across companies and organisations.  We’ve helped businesses win work.

Whatever the challenge, we make a difference.  We’d love to work with you.


Blue Caterpillar L&D

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Tim was personable, fun, comic, thought-provoking, informative – and extremely useful. He was inspiring through his energy, enthusiasm and passion for education and enriching lives. Excellent. Thank you