Welcome to Blue Caterpillar

Learning happens all our life.

From our first moments we are learning

Our education is foundational but it’s not the end of the learning journey. In the world of work we continue to learn too. At Blue Caterpillar, we are all about learning, whether you are six or sixty…

to learn. to get great exam results. employability and ‘soft’ skills. to think. to support our children. to engage better with pupils, customers, or other staff.

We see ourselves as a truly unique resource where we can help improve learning across all age ranges; in school, in college and in work. We’ve even been known to help those who are out of work.

Learn today how we can help you, whether you are a school, a college, an employer, business owner or a conference organiser.

The Brain Box

The Brain Box

The Brain Box a personal journal for each student to be their best at school boost grades, improve motivation, memory, learning and understanding, exam techniques.

It helps teachers prove they apply many Ofsted guidelines and also appeal to parents.

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Tears, Tantrums and Tiredness

“Thanks – Without you, I’d be pretty much failing” – Student

Getting it right this exam season

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Enterprise and Employability

At Blue Caterpillar we understand that eduction needs to do more than just get students through exams. With this in mind, we offer a number of workshops which develop and hone employability skills, getting them ready for the working world.

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Learning Adventures In The Fearless Classroom

We believe staff training days need to be enjoyable, challenging and full of practical ideas.

We can make bespoke training packages that cover a variety of topics over half day, full day, workshop, keynote or twilight sessions.

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Your opening keynote really started the conference with a bang – the content was so pertinent and relevant to our teaching assistants, everyone picked up on the vibe and we have never had one of our speakers receive a round of applause just for a comment made – the passion you have for learning rather than testing really hit the spot