Welcome to Blue Caterpillar

We help people communicate.

Face-to-face communication matters like never before, even in the digital world.

As Covid-19 ravages conventional business practices, people still need to talk.  Whether on Zoom, Skype MS Teams or another video service, you and your people need to connect in an impactful way, but it’s not always easy.  That’s where we come in.

Whether you are

  • A Founder or CEO needing to pitch or present for investment
  • An L&D executive looking to upskill the workforce in communication skills on video conferencing services
  • Someone who just wants to improve either their own or their team’s impact

We can help

From Financial Services to Disruptive Technologies, Start-Ups to Scale-Ups, we have a proven track-record in helping our clients speak with clarity, confidence and charisma.  We help shape inspiring content that helps you explain what you do and why it matters.   We help you to have impact when you speak.

In the current crisis, we’re helping businesses via remote coaching. On the other side, we’ll be back in the room.

Our Story

Blue Caterpillar was founded by Tim Benton, running communication and presentation skills workshops in and around Gloucestershire.  Tim was approached to help teenagers improve their confidence in speaking.
From there, the business grew to become a ‘go to’ company for inspiring young people to take ownership of their future – whether through developing strong speaking and listening skills or nailing revision techniques and personal motivation.

These days though, Blue Caterpillar are as at home in the boardroom as we are in the classroom.  We now have a strong reputation across both public sector and business in improving communication skills.   It’s work that takes us across the UK, into Europe and beyond.

The company has helped Founders and CEOs pitch for investment.  We’ve helped build team dynamics.  We’ve improved communication across companies and organisations.  Businesses have won work as a result of our coaching.

Whatever the challenge, our company makes a difference.  We’d love to work with you.


Blue Caterpillar L&D

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It was a truly inspiring session for both the students and staff. Brilliant!!!