Revision Skills

Tears, Tantrums and Tiredness – getting it right this exam season

Do you want to do well in your exams?

Preparing for the exams is never easy.  Students either don’t want to study, or feel overwhelmed (and often both!).

“It’s boring”
“I don’t know how to revise”
“There’s just too

 much to learn”
“What’s the point?”
“Nothing ever sticks anyway”

Parents feel helpless.

“They don’t seem to be doing anything!”

The revision process need not be a nightmare though. There are simple and practical things students can do to make the whole thing go well – to get the results they need.  There are also things parents can do that will be really, really

helpful (cue: nagging isn’t one of them!).
These sessions will cover the following vital areas:

  • Working smart, not just hard – getting more in your head in less time and making it stay there.
  • FIRM learning – making your memory work for you. Tricks and techniques for smarter revision.
  • Using technology well.
  • Motivation – what is the point?
  • Building a revision planner that actually works.
  • Understanding the teenage brain i) for students and ii) for parents.
  • Tears, Tantrums and Tiredness – how parents can minimalise stress and support effectively.
  • Dealing with exam time nerves.
  • Friend or Frienemy? Making mates positive.
  • Me, but Better – maximising potential. Using the supercomputer in your head.

Here’s what one student said about this session:

“Thanks – Without you, I’d be pretty much failing”

Revision sessions are available for KS3, KS4 and KS5.

“Once again, Tim came to work with our Year 11 students this year and has made a tremendous impact on their revision plans. Thanks to his sense of humour, fun, energy and enthusiasm, Tim has provided students with necessary tools to plan, organise and not stress with revisions and their GCSEs. I cannot recommend Tim enough – a fun and inspiring man. THANK YOU as always!”

Nicolas Bazac

Head of Year 11

Student with stack of books