Enterprise and Employability

At Blue Caterpillar we understand that eduction needs to do more than just get students through exams. With this in mind, we offer a number of workshops which develop and hone employability skills, getting them ready for the working world.

Interview Skills

Young people find it hard to get it right in job or university interviews. Blue Caterpillar run 1 hour workshops for up to 15 students which cover the ‘need to know’ elements and give coaching for young people, allowing them to begin to be the best that they can be.
Working on a 5 lesson day, we could train up to 75 students a day on a rolling programme. We could see an entire year group over 2 to 3 days.


Talk The Talk

Developed by Tim Benton, in conjunction with Four Acre Trust, Talk The Talk is an exciting initiative which allows students to develop presentation skills vital for school and the world of work. Over the course of a day, up to 25 students will learn and practice key communication skills leading to presenting a talk on a topic of their choice.
Tim is no longer actively involved, however Blue Caterpillar heartily endorses and recommends the Talk The Talk programme.
Visit www.talkthetalkuk.org for more details. Do watch the short promo video about Talk The Talk too.

“Cassie has been transformed by this experience. At a staff meeting we talked about how embarrassed and self-conscious she was before and how much she’s now changed. It’s all down to your work. Thank you.”