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Aims and Outcomes:

  • To see the benefits of assertive communication
  • To realise that assertive behaviour can be learnt and can make a significant difference to personal effectiveness and how others react to us
  • To explore and practice positive communication strategies
  • To develop assertive methods for resolving key situations with colleagues, leaders and clients.
  • To share with peers issues affecting us in this area of their work and explore/practice effective solutions
  • To understand the relationship between self esteem and assertiveness

Course Content:

Vocal, Visual and Verbal – Elements of confident communicating.  

Practical session giving delegates opportunity to try out their own communication skills; to make progress through practice, coaching, modelling and feedback.

Benefits of assertiveness

Discussion around areas of developmental need and challenging conversations.  Understanding how our rights and other people’s rights need to balance. Why individuals need to be able to influence, stand up for themselves, present their ideas effectively, and understand how assertive strategies can help in these areas.

Fight, Flight, Freeze or Flock – The Neurology of Behaviour

Understanding how the amygdala and the Pre-Frontal Cortex are key in our capacity to handle challenging situations. Allowing delegates to explore how these functions affect their own behaviour and the behaviour of others around them.

Aggressive, Passive or Submissive and Passive Aggressive Communication

Understanding less desirable methods of communicating and demonstrating assertive alternatives.

Handling Aggressive and Passive colleagues/parents

Using assertive strategies to manage and engage with other adults who aren’t responding in a mature or healthy way.

Influence, Humour, Self Talk and ‘Woo’

Exploring related issues and skills.