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Confident Communication

Aims and Outcomes:

  • To understand what makes great communication
  • To raise confidence and competence when delivering
  • To learn and practice key communication techniques
  • To effectively use influencing language for impact
  • To use story and anecdote to engage and influence

Course Content:

Vocal, Visual and Verbal – Elements of confident communicating.
Practical session giving delegates opportunity to try out their own communication skills; to make progress through practice, coaching, modelling and feedback.

Handling nerves

Everyone experiences nerves. They can master us, or we can master them.  Understanding the neurology of nerves and unpacking and practicing strategies for dealing with them.

Using rhetoric, stories and language

Participants will see how ‘Left Brain’ ‘Right Brain’ influencing will shape content.  Using anecdotes effectively to reenforce, engage and persuade.


Building effective structure within presentations and using Powerpoint/Prezzi or Keynote effectively.

Introverts and Extroverts

Using key differences in personality types and seeing how this affects listener and speaker.  Using these differences to advantage.


Winning business and having strong outcomes.