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So you have The Brain Box! Congratulations… 


Here is your upgrade.. Brain Box 2.051uNyhqmWlL


Since writing the Brain Box, David and Tim have realised there is always more to say…  New ideas come along, technology develops and the challenges facing students (and teachers and parents) increase.  In Brain Box Extra! we will be uploading all new content to enhance your Brain Box experience.  Like a software update, this new material will make your learning faster, more efficient and equip you to do even more.


There were also things that were edited out of the original book – all good things – but there simply wasn’t room for it all.  Those things will find their way on here too.


If you’re a PARENT there is a section with posts to help you and if you work in TEACHING AND LEARNING you will find a section for you as well.


So whether you are a student, teacher, parent or just curious, Brain Box Extra will give you more.


Also wrapped into this section will be Blog Posts relating to the business arm of Tim’s work too.  You’ll find these posts in the COMMUNICATION section.

Remember to see the ABOUT section of the website to find out more about Independent Thinking Ltd – where you may have met Tim and found out about The Brain Box.  Don’t forget to check out the other books available from Independent Thinking Press and Crown House Publishing.





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